My Slender Fan Story

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My Slender Fan Story

Postby S.L.E.N.D.E.R » Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:49 am

Hope you like! Tell me what you think in the comments!
It's explaining all the objects and events in the original slender map!

At first it was just another camping trip with friends, we’d been getting together all week to organise it, a campsite in a national park a few hours away.
It would be perfect, a week away from family and part time jobs, this trip would give us some time to relax.
When I searched up the campsite in google, I found the official website, but the edges of the website wouldn’t load properly and the more I refreshed, the more distorted it became, until I hit refresh one last time. A drawing came up, that wasn’t there before it had a roughly drawn stick figure the same height as the tree drawn next to it, and on the side the word FOLLOWS was written. I took this as just a glitchy website and thought nothing of it.

My 7 friends who would be coming were Liam, Nathan, Emily, Samantha, Drew, Rachel and Edward. We were going to take my mum’s camper van but it was scheduled for maintenance. Instead we took Nathan’s dad’s ute, and we would bring tents.

So then we set off. Obviously we weren't supposed to drive with five people sitting in the ute tray, but this was a country area and we’d never been caught before. When we arrived there was no-one at the toll booth, but there was something that captured my attention, a piece of paper, taped to the booth, that had a roughly drawn stick figure the same height as the tree drawn next to it, and on the side the word FOLLOWS was written. I bought it with us, explaining the story to Rachel and Nathan as we sat in the front. When I was finished, Nathan looked a bit pale, and all he said was, “creepy.”

We almost made it to the place we wanted to set up camp, when the ute broke down. “Close enough.” Edward said, as we unloaded our things whilst Nathan had a look at the engine. Nathan was there for a solid 5 minutes before coming over to us and telling us the battery was dead, and there was no chance of leaving by car anytime soon. Still, that didn’t get us down, we figured we could get a ride with someone else coming to camp, this place would have to be a popular spot, it was beautiful dense forest with clear ground and a great view of the stars that night. While a few of us were asleep in thee early hours of the morning, Samantha and Liam went to the toilet block a few hundred meters away. They took the worst torch. That was my explanation of why they didn’t come back the next morning. “The torch must have died while they were there and so they stayed the night. Drew started smiling and said, “that, OR they wanted some privacy, eh?” Jabbing me in the shoulder as he did so. It was no secret that Samantha and Liam liked each other. “S’pose we better go get them.” Suggested Emily. Edward quickly responded “No way, I don’t wont to march into the toilets to see those two go all kissy kissy, count me out!” He can be really immature sometimes. In the end, it was decided Nathan and Emily would go, so they could check both toilets, and use them themselves.

Things started to get weird when, by sunset, nobody had come back. I was staring at the note, which I had taped to the side of the car, when a noticed something move in the reflection on the window. I turned around and that’s when I first felt it, a strange dizziness, my vision blurred and I heard a turbulent scraping noise piercing the darkness. I felt like collapsing and I couldn’t move, then suddenly, I heard a scream, then everything was normal. I went over to drew’s tent, only to find he was gone, with the tent, and all I could find was a piece of paper about ten meters away, pinned to a big tree, that said in Drew’s messiest most frantic writing, “don’t look, or it takes you.” When I got back to Edward and Rachel, I told them about the paper and what it could mean. Rachel reminded me of the other paper I found at the toll booth. Could the stick figure drawn on that sheet be the reason everyone is missing, and how? I decided that we couldn’t stay for long, we may have to leave without the rest of the group. That night I couldn’t sleep, I was confused and flustered. I then made the connection with my dizzy spill and the disappearance of Drew.
That ‘thing’ I saw move in the reflection must cause that dizziness when it takes you, and that’s why you don’t look. The note wasn’t directly at drew’s campsite because the ‘thing’ was following him so he had time to write the note.

I immediately got the other two awake and warned them of the danger. Crazy as it seemed, they both agreed with me and we got our best torches and set off as a group, toward the exit that night. The forest, which once seemed welcoming, now horrified us with every squeak rustle and crack. We were disorientated and eventually lost. After finding another paper that would conceal the fate of another one of our group, that said, NO several times and had a clearer version of the stickman ‘thing’. This time, it had many hands and a suit on and it appeared to have no face. When Rachel saw the note, she went completely pale, then she said that the ‘thing’ looked like the dark figure she saw before drew disappeared. She said she also felt dizzy and couldn’t move. “we are lucky,” I said “the ‘thing’ wasn’t hunting us at the time.” We decided to pick up the pace and soon we found our way to the bathroom, which gave me shivers, so quiet, so normal in a place of terror. Another note was found by Edward, but it wasn’t very helpful, just an image of the ‘thing’ twice as tall as another stickman. Maybe that resembles the ‘thing’ is very large, but that doesn’t change anything for us. I went back outside when I felt it, and I saw it, the noise came back along with the dizziness, but this time I ran.

I heard two screams which sealed the other’s fates. I gasped for air sprinting faster than I ever have in my life, seeing him scarred me, no face, long arms, tall. If I escape this, I will never get that image out of my head. I seemed to have escaped him, for now.

It’s been a few hours since his last attack. It’s now very early morning, but this night has felt like it will go forever. I’ve decided in my terror that the beast should be called S.L.E.N.D.E.R, having the first letter of the names of the people he had taken. I had to escape this place. I figured if I could find all the notes of the taken people, One of them would have a clue of the way out of here.

I switched my torch back on, and ventured into the night...
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Re: My Slender Fan Story

Postby Kronyklos » Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:31 am

THAT IS AN AMAZING STORY. I actually think that that should be the OFFICIAL prologue for the Slender game.
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