Introdction of Small Forward

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Introdction of Small Forward

Postby fifa15coins » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:19 am

Small forward is a place in the basketball game lineup. Traditionally the attack scoring is their main task, emphasizing the ability to quickly layup. More information is on where you can buy cheap NBA 2k17 Coins.

With the development of a variety of tactical tactics and the three-pointer line, now small forward in addition to speed, often also required to have the ability of dribbling and long-range shoot. Due to the emphasis on the speed is more than on power, small forward usually has more flexibility than power forward. Limited by the human nature of the physical conditions, players who meet the small forward technical requirements of are rarely more than 2.1 meters tall.

Now small forward's height is between 1.96 and 2.05 metre. Due to the flexibility of walking and the ability to request the external shooting, many good small forward players often also serve as shooting guard. These who can play two positions are often referred to as swingman.
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